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Eyecon by Kyrodo Eyecon :iconkyrodo:Kyrodo 2 0 Soul resonating Discord Game by Kyrodo Soul resonating Discord Game :iconkyrodo:Kyrodo 0 0
Soul Resonating Discord - I
A deep distorted voice broke the peaceful silence.
Having fallen into an ambivalent subconscious state, my precarious ear hardly regarded the voice at all. It meant nothing more to me than a slight disturbance, if I actually heard it at all.
The speaker repeated itself with considerable clarity. Taking the voice into account, my drowsiness began to wither and my awareness began to recover. I steadily grew alert as I realized the voice was unfamiliar to me. However, it also brought a strange sense of nostalgia.
Kyrodo, awaken! Awaken, and meet thy inevitable fate!
The mysterious voice rang loudly in my ears, leaving lingering traces in the form of fading echoes. My startled heart pounded. Who in the world could this be? I attempted to open my eyes to face the unknown speaker, and enhance my bearings on my current situation. Not even the murderous vocal could prepare me for the image I was met with.
Acting as illuminating torches, floating blu
:iconkyrodo:Kyrodo 1 3
Wolf Kitty xDDD by Kyrodo Wolf Kitty xDDD :iconkyrodo:Kyrodo 10 7
TLPIOED -Written Form- 5
You did?
Aren't you gonna go home, Sawatari?
Yeah. I will.
[She looked down at her hands, then turned when she noticed a bruise on Hiroki's cheek.]
What happened to your cheek?
[Hiroki turned and looked at her.]
I kind of had a fight with Takuya.
[She looked at him worriedly.]
Is everything okay?
Yeah, it's fine.
We'll make up soon. Probably.
[He put his pack back over his shoulder.]
Well, good night.
[Hiroki stopped.]
Hey, are you going to the station?
[Hiroki waited outside the girl's locker room as Sayuri got dressed.]
[i]I always have the feeling...
that I'm going to lose something.[/i]
[She and Hiroki started walking into the snow, the sunset still shining in the sky.]
[i]The world is so beautiful,[/i]
[Hiroki and Sayuri gazed at each other, smiling as they stood in front of a vending machine.
They both blushed, then Hiroki quickly handed her a can, and turned and started walking again.]
[i]but it's like I'm
:iconkyrodo:Kyrodo 2 3
TLPIOED -Written Form- 4
[i]I was living alone, and the nights felt long.[/i]
[Hiroki suddenly placed the violin to the side, and knocked his head against the bed behind him.]
[i]When I couldn't find anything to occupy my time,
I would walk to the nearby station and pretend I was waiting for someone.[/i]
[Hiroki leaned against the wall in the station as people came in and out of the trains.
He was suddenly walking through the night in the city alone, with his hands in his pockets as he stared at the ground.]
[i]When I got tired of that,
I walked back to my room as slowly as possible.[/i]
[Hiroki was at his desk talking animately with his other school friends.]
[i]I had friends at high school,
but I found that other than when I was wearing the uniform,
I really didn't want to be around them.[/i]
[Hiroki was once again walking alone down a set of stairs in the city with his bag.]
[i]Come to think of it, in a city of more than thiry million people,
there wasn't a single person I wanted to see or talk to.
:iconkyrodo:Kyrodo 2 0
TLPIOED -Written Form- 3
He is.
I swear, you two are always together.
You were the one who asked me to stay close to him until he gets used to this place.
[She walked in and stopped beside him.]
I said that?
By the way, Maki, I'm going to Tokyo tomorrow on business.
That meeting to discuss our research findings, right?
That too, but it seems they found the key.
The key? You mean the one you told me about before?
Things could get busy for you and the rest of the Brain Science team.
[Maki turned her head when she heard footsteps, then her face brightened suddenly.
Takuya appeared through the door leading out from the room below, and stopped halfway.]
[They headed out into the hallway.
The general and the agent were chatting silently to each other a distance down their left.
Maki and Takuya glanced at them before they started walking down the opposite way.]
There've been a lot of military officers here recently, huh?
:iconkyrodo:Kyrodo 2 0
TLPIOED -Written Form- 2
[Hiroki and Takuya leaned against a broken down car under the shade of a large tree, each licking away at a popsicle.]
Do you think Mr. Okabe is single?
[Takuya looked across the field to the factory nearby where Sayuri was giving Okabe a bag she had gotten from the shop.]
Nah, I heard a rumor that he's divorced.
[Okabe scratched his head nervously, blushing slightly as he took the bag.]
Well, thanks so much! Hehehe...
Heh, well...
Somehow that makes sense.
[The three headed down the pathway towards the large garage.
The grass flourished along the plains in the bright sunlight.
Sayuri ran across the fields excitedly.]
I didn't know there was a place like this here!
It's so big!
[She stopped near a wooden structure and looked up at the Tower in the distance with wonder.
Hiroki and Takuya smiled as they walked across the plains after her.
When they reached the garage, Sayuri ran towards the unfinished white plane in the center of the room.
:iconkyrodo:Kyrodo 2 0
TLPIOED -Written Form- 1
The Land Promised in Our Early Days
by Makato Shinkai
[i]"I always have the feeling that I'm going to lose something," she said.[/i]
[Many people were walking this way and that in front of a train station.
A man with black hair and clothing carrying a suitcase walked into the station.
A machine beeped.
Blocker doors leading to the trains opened up.
The train doors closed.
The man was suddenly sitting inside of the train, staring out the window at the passing metal beams outside.
The sky was dimly lit and full of clouds.
The trian passed by a few wet fields.
The sun was now shining brightly up in the sky.]
[i]I was just a middle school student at that time,
so I couldn't possibly understand what she meant.[/i]
[The man turned his head and watched as a girl in school uniform was chatting away to a boy sitting next to her.
He smiled. His brown eyes were clearly visible.
Outside behind him, one could see the great open sea sparkling in the sunlight.
The man turned his head back tow
:iconkyrodo:Kyrodo 2 0
Demon Heart 8 -Finale-
Kyrodo’s eyes darkened. Tears sparked into the air behind him once again.
‘The girl who loves strawberries is actually gone… the girl I loved is dead. It’s hard to believe, yet it still hurts so much…’
Kyrodo tirelessly sped through the sky. A tipped black tail was now flapping behind him. It had been several days already, but he dared not make a single stop, for there was something to be done. The sky was a deep red, and filled partly with large clouds. In this forsaken place known as Fordenna, this was what you called noon. It held a longer twilight than any other place in Roscar, as if even the gods themselves kept their distance from this land. The landscape was dark and rocky, and large spires rose up everywhere as far as the eye could see. In reality, these were the buildings that housed the slaves near the tower. Hence, this was a large city the size of a small country.
Kyr avoided the eyes of the people below. They were working exhaustedly; digging
:iconkyrodo:Kyrodo 2 0
Demon Heart 7
“Good morning Kyra!” Kyrodo’s voice came from above. Kyra opened her eyes. It was now morning, and Kyrodo was standing above her with a bouquet of flowers he’d handpicked from the garden. She smiled, and took it after she’d sat up.
“Aww, for me? Thank you!” She kissed him lightly on the lips.
Kyrodo grinned. “Hehe, any time!” They sat in the shade of a tree and had breakfast with some of the nearby berries and nuts. Kyra rested her head on Kyr’s shoulder and sighed lightly.
“Maybe realizing I was a half-angel wasn’t so bad after all,” she whispered. “If I was human, I might’ve never met you…”
“Hehe, yeah. I’m happy for it too,” Kyrodo replied with a smile.
“Mm. You know, if we’re lucky, we’ll to spend at least a week or two with each other after Varick’s gone.”
“Heh, I’d really like that…”
“Hehe, me too.” They both watched the dark t
:iconkyrodo:Kyrodo 2 19
Sheila by Kyrodo Sheila :iconkyrodo:Kyrodo 2 5
Demon Heart - 6
After they’d gotten past the barren lands, they began crossing the plains. After reaching the next grass-covered hill, Kyrodo stopped. “Say Kyra, how far’s the next city?” he asked.
“It’s a ways farther than the last one was. It’ll bring us a lot closer to Fordenna,” Kyra replied. They looked up at the foreboding dark tower in the distance. It served as a symbol for the world’s struggle.
“Mm, I see,” he said as they started walking again. The nearby river continued to stray along their path. They stopped when they saw a couple of fox cubs playing near their den. The mother fox was watching them nearby.
“Aww, look at them!” Kyra exclaimed.
“Heh, yeah, it’s cute! Foxes are my favorite animals in case you’re wondering,” Kyrodo replied. “Of course, we might not want to get too close… Uh, Kyra?”
Kyra kneeled down next to the cubs and petted them affectionately. She giggled as they licked her
:iconkyrodo:Kyrodo 2 0
Demon Heart - 5
Kyrodo was surrounded by a circular room, with no doors in sight. He instinctively looked around for a way of escape but found nothing. A dark aura shot up in front of him, then out appeared a demonic version of himself. He stumbled back in fear. The demonic self had glowing red eyes, and everything around it seem darker than the rest of the room. “No, stay back!” Kyr shouted as he cringed back against the wall. The demon raised its hand, and a red glow started to grow just beyond it. Just before it could attack, a sweet voice broke through the air.
It sung a tune with no words, yet it was the sweetest thing Kyro had ever heard. A light shattered through the ceiling and struck the demon, sending him back. It roared aloud as it quickly pulled itself through another dark aura and disappeared. Kyr closed his eyes and let the song drift by his ears. Mesmerized, his body grew calm and relaxed. He picked up the cackling of flames in the background.
He slowly opened his eyes and bli
:iconkyrodo:Kyrodo 3 0
Demon Heart - 4
Kyrodo walked up a sloping snow-covered road. He was shivering uncontrollably from the cold. No matter how hard he tried to stop himself, he just couldn’t stop himself from shaking. Kyr groaned miserably, then suddenly started laughing.
‘Eheheh… If the demons don’t defeat me, the snow will’
He could see a city in the distance. He took a deep sigh.
‘The further I go, the harder it seems to go on… The more darkness takes over my heart, the harder it is to see the point in all this. The harder it is to find any hope… Yet, I know there’s no turning back now, especially after all that’s happened… I made a promise I’m going to keep.’
Kyr’s hands clasped into fists suddenly. His eyes glowed red for a brief moment. A sharp pain suddenly swept through his heart. He fell to one knee, clasping his heart tightly as he took deep breaths. Waves of pain swept through him with each passing heartbeat. “God… what’s..hap
:iconkyrodo:Kyrodo 2 3
Demon Heart - 3
-“Sometimes, in order for one dream to come true, thousands of others must be shattered in the process...”-
Kyrodo walked his way up a sloping road. The surrounding area was filled with rocks and various kinds of vegetation. A canyon ran along beside the road. The sky was dim with clouds. Kyr’s wounds had already closed up, but a few scars had been left behind. His clothes were worn and torn up. He was cold, tired, scared, and gloomy. His legs trudged on on their own.
‘It’s the Highlands now… I never did like the cold. I sure lost it back there, didn’t I? No matter how my resolve falters, there’s no turning back.’
He wandered on. He felt as if there was someone watching him. He turned around and glanced about. A howl sounded in the distance.
He frowned, then turned and continued onward. A rock patted off the side wall and hit the ground. Kyr looked up and saw a mass of demon gargoyles looking down at him. The dominant one
:iconkyrodo:Kyrodo 2 3


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